BT ED70S-A Binocular Telescope W/Tripod, fork mount and Swing Bracket

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There is nothing like viewing celestial objects through a pair of large aperture binoculars. Objects take on a 3-D effect. Especially noticeable are large nebulas and clusters. The new BT-ED70S-A Binocular Telescope brings you high quality ED glass for the best veiws possible. The BT81S-A is very portable, at just 9 lbs in weight, so that it can easily be taken to all your observing locations. Use with Vixen's NLV or LVW series Eyepieces for fantastic views. Not recommended for use with eyepieces with focal length less than 10mm. Specifications: * Aperture Ratio F/5.9 * Aperture : 81mm (3.1") * Focal length - 480mm. * Resolving Power: 1.43 arc sec. * Light Gathering: 134x * Interpupillary Distance: 2.2" to 4" * Mount Block: Dovetail Bar for SX/GP Tripods *Visual Back: 31.7 mm - Friction Fit *Dimensions: 18.9 x 7.4 x 6 inches *Features: Carry Handle, Finder Bracket * Weight : 9 lbs

Vixen's Binocular Telescopes provide a spectacular view of comets and star clusters. This large aperture,70mm binoculars are great for viewing the night sky or as a terrestrial binocular for making the most out of a good view. The ED glass optics are fully multicoated for maximum light transmission. Each optical assembly is precisely aligned at the Vixen assembly plant in Japan so as to give the sharpest images possible. The BT-ED70S-A binocular telescope is portable, at just 8.8 lbs in weight, so that it can be taken to a dark sky location very easily. The viewer has an option of attaching any LV or LVW eyepiece to give a wide range of magnifications. Includes Tripod, Fork Mount, Swing Bracket and 2 Eyepieces. Specifications: * Aperture Ratio F5.7 * Focal length - 400mm. * Objective Lens: ED Apochromatic multicoated * Light Gathering: 100x * Limiting Magnitude: 11.0 * Visual Back: 31.7mm push-fit * Weight : 4kg( 8.81 lbs.)